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Soft seal hydraulic connectors and their applications

Soft seal connectors use an elastomeric object to create a leak-free seal, they can take the form of bonded washers, encapsulated seals and o-rings. There is a wide range of soft seal connector types, including BSPP, DIN, ORFS and SAE. BSPP British Standard Pipe Parallel Country of origin: Britain Thread angle: 55 degrees (Whitworth) BSPP threads are also an elastomeric connector. A soft seal is used to ensure a leak free joint. RYCO use an O-ring and metal back-up ring or an encapsulated seal to complete the joint. In port applications, the seal is made by an elastomeric seal at the base of the thread, and not on the machined seat. BSPP port threads are very commonly used in Australia, but are becoming less preferred. BSPP threads can also be sealed by other methods such as an encapsulated seal or a bonded washer. When a bonded washer is used, the shoulder of the thread must be machined to a cone to keep the washer away from the edge of the thread. The photo below shows an encapsulated seal. This sealing ...

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