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How to Safely Operate Crimping Machines

The RYCO Crimper Series are compact and efficient swaging machines, equally suitable for repair shop applications and high-volume production of hose assemblies.   The RYCO Safety Zone provides an increased margin of operational safety when using RYCO matched hose and fittings. That’s why this article aims to inform you on the safe use of crimping machines. Safety Zones RYCO crimping machines present very minimal risk to operators. As with any machine, there is a potential of risk to an operator if due care is not shown.   To minimise the chances of injury, Safety Zones must be identified and implemented around the crimp dies. The Safety Zones incorporate two areas, an Exclusion Zone, and a Caution Zone.   The Exclusion Zones, (the red shaded areas), represent areas where there is a direct risk of a crushing injury to the operator. Hands, tools and other items must be kept well clear of these areas during operation of the crimping machine. Regardless of the crimping machine make, type or design, body parts or foreign objects MUST not contact the crimping dies or ...

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