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JIC, PW, OD, NPT, SAE, BSPP, LR and the list of abbreviations goes on and on.

Looking for abbreviations that RYCO use for product and industry body identification? This is the section for you.

View the complete list of abbreviations that RYCO use below:

A/F Across Flats
ABS, Abs. Absolute
ABS American Bureau of Shipping
AC Air Conditioning
AGA Australian Gas Association
AS Australian Standard
AV Average
BCS British Coal Standard
BH Bulkhead
BP Burst Pressure
BS British Standard
BSP British Standard Pipe
BSPP British Standard Pipe Parallel Thread
BSPPFS British Standard Pipe Parallel Female Swivel
BSPPMBH British Standard Pipe Parallel Male Bulkhead
BSPPOM British Standard Pipe Parallel O Ring Male
BSPPOM British Standard Pipe
EXT Parallel O Ring Male Extended
BSPT British Standard Pipe
BSPTFF British Standard Pipe Taper Female Fixed
BSPTM British Standard Pipe Taper Male
BSW British Standard Whitworth
C/W Complete With
CA Cut-off Allowance
CAT Caterpillar®
CL, C/L Cut Length
CrVI Chromium 6
cSt Centistoke
DIA, DIAM Diameter
DIN Deutsche Industrie Normen (German Industrial Standard)
DKL Dicht Kegel Leicht (Metric Light Series 24° Cone)
DKM Dicht Kegel Metric (Metric 60° Cone)
DKO Dicht Kegel O Ring (Metric O Ring Seal 24° Cone)
DKOL Dicht Kegel O Ring Leicht (Metric Light O Ring Series 24° Cone)
DKOS Dicht Kegel O Ring Schwer (Metric Heavy O Ring Series 24° Cone)
DKS Dicht Kegel Schwer (Metric Heavy Series 24° Cone)
DL Drop Length
DN Diameter Nominal (mm)
DNV Det Norske Veritas
DoT Department of Transportation (USA)
EEC Evaporative Emission Control
ELB Elbow
EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
EXT Extended
F, FEM Female
FF Female Fixed
FIX Fixed
FLNG Flange
FOS Factor Of Safety
FS Female Swivel
ft Foot
ft.lbf Foot Pound force
g Gram
GL Germanischer Lloyd
GPM Gallons Per Minute
HP High Pressure
hp Horse Power
HTS High Tensile Steel
HW Heavy Wall
ID Inside Diameter
inHg Inches of Mercury
IMP Imperial
INV Inverted
ISO International Organization for Standardization
JIC Joint Industries Council (Thread UN)
JICMBH JIC Male Bulkhead
JICMEXT JIC Male Extended
JIS Japanese Industrial Standard
kg Kilogram
kg.m Kilogram Metres
kPa KiloPascal
kW Kilowatt
LNG Long
L Litre
lb Pound
LP Low Pressure
LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas
LPM Litres Per Minute
LR Lloyd’s Register
M Male
m Metre
MAX Maximum
MBP Minimum Burst Pressure
MED Marine Equipment Directive
MFL Minimum Free Length
MIC, Mic. Micron (µm)
MIL Military Specification (USA)
MIN Minimum
mm Millimetre
mmHg Millimetres of Mercury
MPa MegaPascal
MSHA USA Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration.
MWP Maximum Working Pressure
NA, N/ Not Applicable
NAHAD National Association of Hose and Accessories Distributors (USA)
NATA National Association of Testing Authorities (Aus.)
NB Nominal Bore
NCB National Coal Board
NCS NATA Certification Services
NFPA National Fluid Power Association (USA)
Nm Newton Metre
NOM, Nom. Nominal
NPS National Pipe Straight
NPSM National Pipe Straight Mechanical
NPSMFS National Pipe Straight Mechanical Female Swivel
NPT National Pipe Taper Thread
NPTF National Pipe Taper for Fuel
NPTFF National Pipe Taper Female Fixed
NPTM National Pipe Taper Male
OA, O/A Overall
OD Outside Diameter
ORFS O Ring Face Seal
ORFSFS ORFS Female Swivel
PCD Pitch Circle Diameter
PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation
P/N, P/NO Part Number
PREV Previous
psi Pounds per Square Inch
PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene
PW Pressure Washer
QA Quality Assurance
QC Quality Control
QRC Quick Release Coupling
RED Reducing
RMA Rubber Manufacturers
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
RQP RYCO Quality Product
 SAE Society of Automotive Engineers (USA)
SAEFS SAE Female Swivel
SF Swivel Female (Union)
SS Stainless Steel
STD Standard
STPL Staple
SWIV Swivel
T/NESS Thickness
TBA To Be Advised
THRD Thread
TP Test Pressure
TPI Threads Per Inch
TW Tube Weld
UN Unified National Thread
UNO UN O Ring (O Ring Boss)
UNOM UNO Male (O Ring Boss Male)
UNOMEXT UNO Male Extended (O Ring Boss Male Extended)
USCG United States Coast Guard
WP Working Pressure
°C Degrees Celcius
°F Degrees Farenheit
ß Beta (filtration)
µm Micron