33000 Couplings With SRX & SRF Hose

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RYCO 33000 Series Couplings With RYCO SRX & SRF Series Hose

33000 Series Suction Hose Couplings. Use only matched Series of RYCO SR and SRF Series Hose.

Step One:

SR SRF Hoses step one
  • Cut hose to required length using a cut-off saw.
  • Ensure helix wires are not protruding.
  • Ensure hose is cut squarely.

Step Two:

SR SRF Hoses step two
  • Mark the cover of the hose to ensure that Clamp will be correctly located.

Step Three:

SR SRF Hoses step three
  • Slide Clamp over hose.
  • Push the coupling into the hose bore until hex or collar abuts end of hose.
  • Position Clamp, and tighten bolt to recommended torque.