8000 Couplings With PL1D, P1V & RQP6 Hose

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RYCO 8000 Series Push-On Couplings With PL1D, PL1V & RQP6 Series Hose

8000 Series Push-On Couplings, use only RYCO PL1D, PL1V and RQP6 Series Hose.

Step One:

8000 series push on step01
  • Cut hose to required length with a sharp knife.
  • Lightly lubricate inside of hose and outside of nipple.

Step Two:

8000 series push on step02
  • Push hose onto fitting until hose end bottoms underneath cap as shown.

Step Three:

8000 series push on step03
  • If hose assembly is to be used at above 50% of Maximum Working Pressure, or in a potentially dangerous or critical application, a clamp must be used.
  • Do not overtighten clamp as this may damage hose.

Removing Couplings, Step One:

8000 series removing couplings step01
  • Remove clamp if fitted.
  • Slit hose length-wise, from cap to end of hose tail.

Removing Couplings, Step Two:

8000 series removing couplings step02
  • Sharply bend hose and remove.