BITELOCK Couplings With Non-Skive Hose

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RYCO BITELOK Couplings With Matched Sizes Of RYCO Non-Skive Hose

  1. RYCO BITELOK T1000, T2000, T7000 and T9000 Series Couplings with RYCO Non-Skive Hose. Use only matched sizes of RYCO T3000A, T3000D, T3000S, T4000A, T4000D, T4000S, T5000A, T5000D, T5000S, T6000A, T6000D, T6000S, H3000A,H3000D, H3000S, H4000A, H4000D, H4000S, H5000A, H5000D, H5000S, H6000A, H6000D, H6000S, T1A, T2A, T2C, T1D, T2D, TJ2D, TXA2D, T1F, T1S, T2S, BT1, DF2A, D2B, RQP1, RQP2, PW2, TW1, H12A, H12D, H12S, MS1000, CS1000 (SKIVE), R4SH, TP7, TP7N, TP7T, TP7TN, TP8, TP8N, TP8T and TP8TN Series Hose.
  2. RYCO BITELOK T4000 and TG000 Series Couplings with RYCO Non-Skive Hose. Use only matched sizes of RYCO M2, M2G, MP1, PL1, PL1D, RQP5, RQP6, TP7, TP7N, TP7T, TP7TN, TP3000, SR, SRF, T5 and TPGL Series Hose. (See page 505 of our 2019 Product Technical Manual – Hydraulics for instructions for separating of ends of TP7T, TP7TN, TP8T and TP8TN Series.)

Step One:

Bitelock Non Skive step one
  • Cut hose to length required using a cut-off saw.
  • Ensure hose is cut squarely.
  • Clean hose bore.

Step Two:

Bitelock Non Skive step two
  • Lightly lubricate outer cover.

Step Three:

Bitelock Non Skive step three
  • Place assembled end into the jaws of crimp machine.
  • Operate machine to crimp ferrule to the predetermined diameter. (Refer to “RYCO Crimp Chart”).

Step Four:

Bitelock Non Skive step four
  • Open the crimp machine and remove the assembly. Check the crimp diameter with a caliper or micrometer. Crimp diameter should be measured halfway along ferrule. Measure between the ridges, and make sure that the caliper fingers do not touch the ridges.
  • Check that the Mark Length mark is still even with the end of the ferrule to ensure coupling has not moved during crimping.

How To Order BITELOK Non-Skive Hose Couplings

The RYCO BITELOK Non-Skive Coupling is a one-piece fitting.

BITELOK Non-Skive Couplings do not require the hose to be skived externally or internally.

As the BITELOK Non-Skive Coupling is a complete coupling, simply order by Part Number.


Extra special care must be exercised in the preparation, assembly and crimping of these fittings due to the very high pressures and end loads encountered.

* For RT7, RT7N, RT7T, RT7TN, RT8, RT8N, RT8T and RT8TN Hose Series it is preferable to lightly lubricate using a PTFE or Silicon-based aerosol spray lubricant. Use lubricant only if necessary; use sparingly if required.

The latest Mark or Skive Lengths and Crimp Diameters are available within our RYCO Crimp Chart.