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Hose Assemblies Of Specific Lengths

All RYCO hose assemblies are manufactured seat to seat length unless otherwise specified by customer. The length of a Hose Assembly can be measured in three ways:

1. Seat to Seat Length
(RYCO Standard, unless otherwise specified)


2. Overall Length


3. Cut Hose Length

This is the length that the hose is cut to before couplings are attached. The length of the couplings is extra.

NOTE: For male fittings and flanged fittings, seat and overall length measurement points are the same.


Proper positioning of elbow end fittings on a hose is governed by the offset angle, or the amount of angular offset between connecting parts in the installation. If this angle of orientation is not correct in the construction of a hose assembly the performance and life of the assembly will be greatly reduced.

Orientation is determined by the number of degrees between the fitting furthest from the viewer and the fitting nearest to the viewer, measured in a clockwise direction.

Orientation Tolerances:

+ 3° on lengths up to 600 mm (24”).

+ 5° on lengths over 600 mm (24”).


Ordering Hose Assemblies

When ordering Hose Assemblies, specifying by the following system will assist; or alternatively supply a clear, concise drawing or sketch.

1. Hose Type.
2. (Hose Protection or extra operations to hose) – if applicable.
3. Hose Assembly Length (expressed in mm), followed by method of measurement: blank if “Seat to Seat Length” -OA if “Overall Length” -CL if “Cut Hose Length”
4. Fitting End 1.
5. Fitting End 2.
6. Angle of Orientation if both fittings are elbows and/or tube bends.


1. T3008D * 1830 * T2090-0808 * T2040-0814 – Hose will be made 1830 mm Seat to Seat.
2. T3008D * 1830-OA * T2090-0808 * T2040-0814 – Hose will be made 1830 mm tip of T2090 male to tip of T2040 nut.
3. T28D * 1830 * T2050-0808 * T2730-0824 @ 135° – Hose assembly will be manufactured so that when T2050-0808 is furthest away the T273-0824 will be oriented 135° clockwise.
4. T5008D * 1640-CL * L010-0812 * L040-0817 – Hose will be cut to 1640 mm and length of fittings will be extra.
5. H6012D * (RSG-32 * 1000) * 1000-OA * T7630-1236 * T7720-1236 – Hose will be covered with RSG for full length of hose assembly. Length will be overall from T7630 tip to T7720 bend centreline.
6. RQP212 * (PIERCE * 2200) * 2200 * T2090-1212 * T2040-1217 – Hose cover will be pierced/pin pricked.
7. T18D * 1830 * T2010-0808 * T2020-0808 + S27-0808 – The length of the S27-0808 is extra, not included in the 1830 mm.

Cut-Off Allowance (CA)

Values for Cut-off Allowance (CA) dimensions are published in this Product Technical Manual. CA dimensions allow calculation of the Hose Cut Length required to make a Hose Assembly of a particular Seat to Seat Length.
Cut off allowance hose assembly guide


For a Hose Assembly using T2040-0609 coupling one end, and T2090-0606 coupling other end, with a required Seat to Seat Length of 750 mm, calculate the Hose Cut Length required. From page 201, CA dimension for T2040-0609 is 22 mm. This is “coupling 1” for the required hose assembly. From page 197, CA dimension for T2090-0606 is 33 mm. This is “coupling 2” for the required hose assembly.

Cut Length of Hose = Seat to Seat Length of Hose Assembly – CA (coupling 1) – CA (coupling 2) = 750 mm – 22 mm – 33 mm = 695 mm


For all Couplings, before calculating the Cut Length of the hose, measure and check that the CA dimension of the physical coupling complies with that published. CA dimensions may vary due to manufacturing method or design refinement.
The CA dimension is measured from where the hose abuts when fully inserted, to the connection end seat of the coupling. With most Crimp Couplings1, and Field Attachable Couplings having ferrules2; due to compression of the hose within the coupling after attachment, a growth in length occurs, in addition to the published CA dimension. Growth varies with different types and sizes of hose and couplings. For longer hoses, and non-critical applications, it is common practice to ignore the growth, as the extra length generated usually does not affect the function of the hose assembly. In applications where the length of the hose assembly is critical, the growth must be allowed for when calculating Cut Length of hose. RYCO recommends measuring the growth when the first coupling is attached by measuring between reference points marked on the coupling and hose before and after coupling attachment, then adjusting the Cut Length of the hose to compensate.
3. See page 355 for extra information about CA dimensions for K000, L000, M000 and P000 Series Field Attachable couplings.
4. See note on page 188 regarding Drop Length (DL) and Cut-off Allowance (CA) published dimensions.
5. For Hose Assemblies, the following must be considered: Maximum Working Pressure of the Hose; End Style (Connector Termination), see pages 496 to 500 and Minimum Free Length, see page 473 in the “Safety Guide”, pages 471 to 473


1) For T4000 Series couplings with SRX and SRF hose series, growth varies and must be measured each time.

2) For practical purposes, 8000 Series Push-On and 33000 Series couplings do not experience extra growth.