How To Order RYCO V Series Field Attachable Couplings

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Example – To order 1/2″ NPT male insert and ferrule for T58 (13/32″) hose.

(a) Individually

Order ferrule V000-08.
V000 Series ferrules are used on T5 hose; see chart on page 262,
or chart for Couplings Selection on T5 page 108.
Ferrule Dash Size -08 is same as Dash Size of hose.
Order insert 6090-0608 (6000 Series).
T58 hose uses 6000-06 size inserts, see page 262.

(b) Complete Coupling

Order V090-0608.
Simply replace the first character of the insert’s part number with the
first character of the ferrule’s part number.
(replace 6 with V): 6090-0608 »» V090-0608

The V000 Series Couplings on pages 264 to 275 clearly show the Insert, Ferrule and Complete Coupling part numbers for each size of hose.


Hose Branding:

In common with industry practice, RYCO RQP5 and T5 hoses are branded with their Part Number, and their Actual Inside Diameter. For example:
When ordering hose, it is important to be clear about what size is being referred to.

For example

T55 is -05 or 5/16″ Nominal Dash Size, and 1/4″ Actual Inside Diameter.
T56 is -06 or 3/8″ Nominal Dash Size, and 5/16″ Actual Inside Diameter.

Both hoses can be referred to as 5/16″, depending on whether Nominal or Actual Inside Diameter is being referred to.
Other sizes that crossover are:

T54 and T55; T58 and T510; and T510 and T512.
RQP54 and RQP55; RQP58 and RQP510; and RQP510 and RQP512.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to refer to the size of the hose only, or there may be confusion about whether it is Actual or
Nominal Diameter.

It is RECOMMENDED to only refer to the Part Number of the hose. Example: T56.

If the size is mentioned, the Part Number of the hose must also be included to remove any confusion.

Example: 5/16˝ T56.


Hose Compatibility for the V000 series can be found on page 343.