Safety Zone – RYCO Hydraulics

Safety Zone

RYCO Safety Zone

The RYCO SAFETY ZONE provides an increased margin of operational safety when using RYCO MATCHED HOSE AND FITTINGS. Hose tolerances bands for Hose Bore, Reinforcement Diameter, Braidwall, Cover Thickness and Concentricity of RYCO Hydraulic Hoses are typically twice as stringent as those specified by SAE and EN/DIN standards.

RYCO Hydraulics fittings and hydraulic hoses are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed relevant industry standards. When assembled, RYCO matched hydraulic hose and fittings provide safer, qualified high performance hose assemblies that are proven to meet and exceed the performance requirements of our customers.

Using strict methods, RYCO Hydraulics manufactures Hydraulic Hose that is more dimensionally consistent and, when matched with RYCO Fittings, results in increased safety.