Thread identification at your fingertips

Thread ID Mate The RYCO Thread ID Mate application enables you to identify hydraulic threads and connectors everywhere you go.

The intuitive and simple identification process will help you find detailed information about threads specifications, sizes and more...

The Thread ID Mate app is available for your Android smartphone, iPhone/iPod Touch. Thread identification you can keep in your pocket!

Thread ID Mate



  • Intuitive step by step identification process
  • Detailed page for every type of thread
  • Search a thread by name
  • Complete pictorial list
  • Instruction page
Thread ID Mate


Thread ID Mate is comprehensively detailed with all the specifications, instructions and illustrations you need.

Thread ID Mate


Thread ID Mate includes multiple search methods. No matter what you're looking for, Thread ID Mate provides a smooth and intuitive way to find it.

Thread ID Mate


Only RYCO's dedication to innovation and technological development could deliver this unique mobile application.