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Hydraulic Applications for Agriculture

RYCO is a solution-based supplier providing our agricultural clients with a complete range of services including on-time delivery, cost reduction activities, and on-site hose management systems.

The agricultural equipment manufacturing, and distribution industry has been the cornerstone of RYCO since our humble beginnings. Agricultural equipment manufacturers utilise and trust RYCO products in regional and international markets across the globe. Many agricultural operations rely on RYCO’s extensive knowledge of the agriculture industry and RYCO’s large range of services to deliver them substantial cost reduction benefits.

By partnering with RYCO, agricultural operators have access to RYCO’s industry expertise and vast knowledge and experience in problem solving. We understand how important it is for suppliers and farming communities to work together, providing products and service that improve field production efficiency.

We actively work with the agricultural industry across a broad scope of services ranging from reliable dispatch of stock orders; to solving difficult engineering problems, ensuring our farmers equipment has zero downtime during times of peak demand.

We provide engineering solutions and auditing of agricultural equipment enabling cost reduction coupled with rapid response services.

RYCO’s ENERGY hose and Quick Release Couplings are some of the products which can be found on agricultural equipment. The demanding conditions in which these machines operate highlights the proven design features and product durability of RYCO hydraulic hoses, adaptors, field attachable, two piece and one-piece crimp fittings.

With proven design features RYCO products are strong, flexible, durable, light and are suited to the demanding agricultural and farming conditions.

Our products can be found on a wide range of agricultural equipment, from cane harvesters, crop harvesters, transports, laser levellers, seeders, sprayers, ploughs, bailers, tractors, rakes, spreaders, bulldozers and just about any other implement imaginable.

RYCO truly provide cost effective returns to the farming community and suppliers.

Key Highlights
  • Optimum machinery performance
  • Safely conveying fluids at high pressure
  • Weather resistant hose covers for maximum durability
  • Quick Release Couplings for easy connection and disconnection

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For Easy Connection & Disconnection


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For Maximum Durability


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