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Hydraulic Applications for Defence

RYCO is a specialist supplier of hydraulic hose and fittings to the various industries in Australia with over 75 years’ experience. To add to this vast knowledge and experience RYCO has been supplying various defence contracts now for two decades.

RYCO has been able to bring together the requirements of volume manufacturing for general industry with the specialist needs of defence in the way of design and quality assurance.

RYCO has designed and built specialised test equipment to aid in the development of sophisticated hydraulic hose assemblies to overcome the rigours of defence force applications and environments.

RYCO is an accredited supplier to the Australian and the US Departments of Defence and to the Australian Defence Industry Group.

When the ASC required specialised hydraulic hose assemblies, they chose RYCO to design, test and produce to their high standards. The brief was to design hydraulic hose systems that would operate outside the pressure hull of a submarine therefore withstanding high external pressures and operate without failure for extended time periods in a corrosive environment.

Only RYCO has the design, technology, and testing facilities within Australia to meet the extreme requirements of the ASC. The experience and expertise gained through these challenges’ flows into the other areas of defence work that RYCO conducts so that no matter what the requirement regarding a defence application RYCO is more than able to respond. Be the application on the surface of the water, beneath the waves, in the deserts or tropical rain forests RYCO has a solution to prevent potential problems with hose assemblies.

Third Party Approvals

RYCO is certified to AS / NZS ISO 9001: 2000 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements” by NATA Certification Services International (NCSI – Registration No. 7029) and ISO 9002 “Quality Systems for Production and Installation” by the Department of Defence (Australia).

RYCO’s testing and evaluation process ensures “Zero Defects”, and guarantees the performance and quality required to meet the demands of today’s applications by safely conveying fluids at high pressure.

Working with RYCO means receiving a broad range of hydraulic activities and support for enterprises that demand integrated solutions as required by the defence industry.

Key Highlights:
  • Hydraulics for bushmaster vehicles
  • Defence vessel hydraulics
  • Infantry mobility vehicle hydraulics
  • Quality management system – QRAM
  • Hoses to accommodate fluids at extremes of pressure and temperature

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