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Hydraulic Applications for Forestry

Increasing demands of the forestry industry requires hydraulic hoses and fittings to be of the highest standard due to the high working pressures, harsh environmental conditions, and constant abrasion.

Forestry equipment demands strong, flexible, and long-lasting hydraulic systems which are quick and easy to install. Choosing the right hose is always important, but in the harsh environmental conditions of forestry applications, it is paramount to ensure decreased downtime. That is why RYCO’s engineering team have designed hydraulic systems which not only meet but exceed the requirements of any forestry or logging application.

For example, RYCO’s T6000 Couplings and H6000 Series Hose is the toughest combination ever built. H6000 is a 6100psi ISOBARIC Spiral Hose that is tested to 1 million impulse cycles at ½ SAE 100R15 Minimum Bend Radius. RYCO also takes pride to be the first in the world to test a 2” hose to 1 million impulse cycles at 400mm (15.8”) Minimum Bend Radius. The compact design and construction of the H6000 provides greater flexibility and easier routing, along with superior performance.

Premature failure of hose assemblies is common in the forestry industry due to inadequate flexibility of machine elements. Therefore, RYCO has introduced the in-line swivels that allow hose assemblies to pivot, which reduces the stress due to bending and twisting motion in rugged applications. The RYCO in-line swivels have excellent wear characteristics and are tested at 6100psi for 500,000 cycles with 90° alternating rotation.

Hydraulics Products for Forestry

Hose assemblies in forestry applications are constantly subjected to high levels of abrasion due to falling timber. To overcome this challenge, RYCO has designed SLIDER, a superior abrasion resistant cover that can resist up to 50 times the abrasion levels specified in industry standards. This special hose cover extends hose life by providing extreme abrasion resistance whilst maintaining a high degree of flexibility.

RYCO products are found throughout forestry machinery, specifically:

  • Forestry heads
  • Stump grinders
  • Yarders
  • Woodchippers
  • Feller bunchers
  • Harvesters
  • Forwarders
  • Felling heads
  • Grapples
  • Log towers
  • Excavators
  • Skid steers
Key Highlights:
  • Highly abrasion resistant hose systems
  • Extended hose life and greater security
  • High flexibility
  • High, very high and extremely high-pressure hydraulic oil lines hoses

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