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Hydraulics Application for Marine

RYCO has a proud history of providing hydraulic hose and fittings to the marine industry.
Today’s maritime and vessel fleets rely heavily on their hydraulic systems and growth in this sector has demanded the need for fast and efficient service.

Type Approvals for RYCO Hose Assemblies

RYCO holds type approvals from various third parties for hoses used in RYCO matched hose assemblies including hose assemblies fitted with Stainless Steel couplings used on ocean liners, navy vessels, commercial catamarans and in submarine fleets.

Independently accredited to meet all certification requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED), including severe fire exposure requirements, RYCO certified hose assemblies will continue to perform as expected during normal operation, or in time of emergency.

RYCO maintains and continues to grow our range of DNV-GL, BV, ABS, and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) type-approved hose for hydraulic and fuel service on vessels. Hose assemblies that meet DNV, GL, BV, ABS, and USCG requirements are integral to the safe and reliable operation of these on-board systems, providing assurance that the assemblies will deliver the required performance and reliability.

In today’s competitive international business environment, the requirement for suppliers and customers to work closely together is greater than ever before, the maritime industry is no different. At RYCO we do more than simply supply a product; we understand that the dynamic nature of the marine environment leads to complexities on equipment and recognise our success is dependent on our customer’s success, safety, and quality.

RYCO also offer a complete range of hydraulic maritime certified hose products for even more arduous applications with hoses for fuel lines, suction and return, and high temperature hoses. RYCO is the hose of choice for marine applications.

Key Highlights:
  • Hydraulics for naval operations
  • Commercial vessel hydraulics
  • High strength and durable products
  • Longer hose service life in rigorous environments
  • Infantry mobility vehicle hydraulics
  • Stainless Steel range for excellent corrosion and chemical resistance

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