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Hydraulics Application for Transport

RYCO Hydraulics provide high quality products for the transport industry. We design, manufacture, supply and install hydraulic fittings and accessories which are flexible and agile to suit various transportation applications.

RYCO supports the transport industry, anything from buses, coaches, trains, trailers, light to heavy vehicles and much more ensuring the tough performance requirements of the industry are met.

Whether it is on road, off road or offshore, RYCO has the product portfolio and innovative technology that meets and exceeds the highest of standards. As a result, our engineered solutions are reliable, efficient, and most importantly safe.

Our hydraulic systems keep your vehicles on the move, so downtime is minimised. Any breakdown can be repaired or replaced effectively and efficiently with the highest quality product meeting or exceeding industry specifications.

Our comprehensive product range includes hoses ranging from medium to high pressure applications. RYCO offers a variety of hose covers to suit the environment enabling optimum energy transfer between components of your hydraulic system.

RYCO RQP1 and RQP2 are one and two wire braid hoses designed with the high temperature SURVIVOR™ cover that can withstand temperatures up to 150°C (302°F). Constructed to meet or exceed SAE 100R1AT and 100R2AT performance requirements, these hoses are ideal for under-the-bonnet applications of heavy vehicles and other tough environments such as rail or off-highway heavy-duty applications.

As the name suggests, RYCO T5 TRUCKER is a speciality hose with polyester braid cover designed for the transport industry. The small bend radius and light weight of RYCO T5 hose makes it advantageous for compact under-the-bonnet routing in automotive/trucking applications to convey hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, lubrication oil and transmission oil.

RYCO products can be found on a wide range of transport vehicles from tippers, to truck mounted cranes, tilt tray, skip trucks, to vacuum trucks and much more.

Whether it is repairs, maintenance or spare parts, RYCO will get your vehicles back on the road again!

Key Highlights:
  • Abrasion, flame, and weather resistant hoses
  • Flexible and agile hose systems
  • Hoses suited for medium to high-pressure oil and air applications
  • Heavy duty applications for rail and off-highway
  • High temperature hoses

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For Medium To High Pressure Oil & Air Application

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For Medium To High Pressure Oil & Air Application

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