Field Attachable Ferrules

In addition to One-Piece Couplings, RYCO also offers a wide variety of Field Attachable couplings, to suit a range of RYCO hoses.

The RYCO Field Attachable system consists of five ferrule styles, each specific to a hose type, and one common insert. Field attachable inserts and ferrules can be ordered individually, or as a complete coupling for specific hose types.

One of the advantages of using field attachable fittings is that unlike crimp fittings, a swaging machine is not required to assemble them onto hoses.

Field Attachable Couplings with Non-Skive Hose* – Assembly Instructions.

How to Order RYCO Field Attachable Couplings – Ordering Information.

* Use only with RYCO BT1, E2, M2, M2G, RQP1, RQP2, RQP5, T1D, T1F, T2D, TXA2D, T5 and TPGL SERIES HOSE.


Available in the following Series:

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