RCS CROCSLEEVE – Burst Protection Sleeve

Technical Specifications:

Recommended For
Hose burst and pinhole protection. Protection of individual hoses from severe abrasion. Provides a cost effective method of bundling hoses together, while providing abrasion resistance to the bundle. When abrasion occurs, the thousands of tiny filaments in the sleeve bulk up, to continually renew the surface.
Densely woven, polyamide tubular sleeve. Black or Red colour. CROCSLEEVE is not affected by exposure to air, water, hydraulic oil and many other fluids. The inside bore of the CROCSLEEVE is smooth, allowing hose to move inside the sleeve, and allowing easy installation.
FRAS – FLAME RESISTANCE AND ANTI-STATIC: Flame Resistant and Anti-Static – FRAS. Electrical conductivity is 3 to 5 MΩ/m when subjected to 500 Volts DC.

From – 50°C to + 121°C (- 58°F to + 250°F).

Choose a size that is slightly larger than the hose or hoses to be sleeved – recommended size is 50% larger than nominal Hose OD (see chart on page 151). If CROCSLEEVE is to be installed onto fitted hose assemblies, allow for the maximum outside profile of the hose fittings.

1. Cut the CROCSLEEVE to length.
2. The loose fibres of the cut edges can be sealed with a heat gun or hot knife, to prevent fraying.
3. Install over hoses or hose assemblies.
4. Secure in place using adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing.

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