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Your Source For the Most Up-To-Date Crimp Specifications

RYCO Crimp is your source for RYCO crimp specifications. Find the most up-to-date specifications to accurately and safely crimp RYCO hydraulics hoses with matched RYCO fittings.

This intuitive application enables you to get your crimp specifications within your very own workshop or in your mobile service truck using your tablet or mobile phone device!

Begin by selecting your RYCO hose series, size, and part number with your coupling series and you are on your way to access all the specifications necessary to crimp your hydraulic hose.

Key Highlights:

Picture Guide of selected RYCO Hose & Coupling Series
Critical Crimp Details such as Crimp Diameter (+/-) & Mark Length
Colour Coded Rapid Die Colour & Number
Add Common Crimp Specifications to Favourites
Portrait & Landscape Modes
Toggle Button To Switch Between Metric & Imperial Units of Measure
RYCO Crimp App

The RYCO Crimp application is available for your  Android and iOS devices:

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